The Downfall of COVID-19

Hey Snowboarder!

Welcome to 2020, at this point who knows what’s going to happen next!

Undoubtedly, these times are hard and we’re supposed to be out enjoying some spring laps with all the homies; but we are not. It’s not our fault, it’s not the resorts fault, there’s no one to blame. So let’s take this time and let’s all relax and take a breather. We’ll be back to riding in no time!

I’ve seen a lot of posts about the negativity of resorts closing and how they are dealing with this situation. First, I’d like to say, you don’t need to get your pass refunded. You had all season. With the exception of a few resorts across the United States closed with roughly a month left of the season. If you didn’t make good use of your pass that’s on you; personally, my season was as good as it could be, I don’t need a refund. It costs me roughly $20 to ride a day between the two passes I bought. I’m happy with that, I saved money in the long run! Please be kind, these resorts are struggling too, don’t ask your resort to refund you for missing a few weeks. They’re just as scrambled and probably feel the same way we currently do, it sucks, but there’s next season.

Please, stay at home. Go hike or get ready for your summer hobby. Going out in the backcountry during these times isn’t smart if you don’t have the proper gear as well as the proper training. You’re putting yourself, friends and other people in danger by doing so.

If you do have the proper gear and training stay local to where you live, in these times we don’t want you coming from the big city or the other valley to our mountains! Stay in your valley or stay in your county.

Finally, support your local snowboard shop, snowboard business, or resort! This is a hard time for many of us, but if you were looking to buy new outerwear or a snowboard do it! Buy your season pass now (if it’s an option) or when the presale starts. Save some money, help your resort. Please be considerate of the people around you, your homies, the people you don’t know. Please respect your mountain and their closures some of it is for your own safety!

A fellow snowboarder with hopes of a rad season next year!