Living Lands and Waters Charity

Although we love snowboarding, we also are passionate about many other things. Tektonik Snowboarding is dedicated to donating profits at the end of the year to a few different charities. One of these charities is Living Lands and Waters.

Living Lands and Waters (LL&W) is a nonprofit organization started in 1998 by Chad Pregracke from the Quad Cities area of Illinois.

The mission of LL&W are to aid in the protection, preservation, and restoration of the natural environment of our nation’s major rivers and their watersheds. Expand awareness of environmental issues and responsibility encompassing our rivers. As well as create a desire and opportunity for citizens to take an active role in helping to make a cleaner river environment.

Chad took to cleaning the Mississippi River himself and first stored everything he took out of the river in his parents back yard. Since then, LL&W gained the nation’s attention and began to grow. Since creating the idea in 98 to clean up the rivers, LL&W has put on numerous volunteer clean up days as well as events to raise money to help fund their clean up missions.

LL&W has worked collectively and hard with an amazing crew and team of volunteers to pull over 10 million pounds of waste out of the rivers in the United States! The mission of LL&W is something that we strongly support and we are excited to donate some of our profits to help fund more clean up events.

If you would like to get involved or read more about the organization you can find more information at